The Founders

The Anamatha project a portion of themselves into physical dimensionality and took on the humaniform aspect for the purpose of that experience.


Sol Explored

The Hathors are the first to explore the Sol System. They colonize Venus.


Luna engineered

The naturally formed satellite of Luna is partially engineered and placed in a more stable orbit for the benefit of the developing planet by unknown entities.


Final days of Marduk

There are too many conflicting reports, but one thing is likely - the final days of Marduk were those of terror.


Marduk Shattered

The shattered remains of this world form the bulk of the Asteroid and Kuiper Belts.

~65 mya

Extinction-level event on Terra

Another peice of Marduk wipes out the dinosaurs. It is reported that some specimens were preserved and placed on other planets.

~40 mya

Unknown Event

An unknown event of known significance occured around this time. Investigation is required.

~6 mya

Mars partially demagnetized

A near pass by a highly magnetized peice of Marduk rips away the Martian atmosphere and magnetic field. Some Martians attempt planetary evacuation.


Lyran Wars

Lyrans and Vegans wage interstellar war against the Draconian Empire.


Orion Wars

A dark war of blood in the Orion System between the oppressive Orion Empire and the rebellious Black League.

~1.5 mya

Unknown Genetic Event

Something happened with the hominids on Terra around this time. Investigation is required.

~300-500 kya

Playing God

A small group of Anu infuse their genetic material into the naturally evolved hominids on Terra.

~50 kya

Mu Destroyed

End of civilization of Mu (Lemuria) on Terra.

~13 kya

Aztlan destroyed

End of civilization of Aztlan (Atlantis) on Terra. This fated destruction was caused by another piece of Marduk.

~10.5 kya

Great Pyramid is built

The Great Pyramid of Giza is built. It is not built as a tomb.


The Last Galactic War

The last Galactic War ended only a few hundred years ago. Many of the wounds are still fresh.


No More Nukes

Arcturians and Pleadians begin disabling Terran nuclear weapons.


Roswell Incident

Contact cycle begins. 40 year change cycle. Humans realize they are not alone and they can be visited.


Hybridization Agenda Begins

Desperate to save their people, the Mazeh make agreements with Terrans for viable DNA.


Second Cycle

Harmonic convergence. More information is brought through. 40 year change cycle. Humans begin to understand the larger story.


Phoenix Lights

The Yayael put on a bit of an air show.


Quarantine Lifted

First contact is nolonger prohibited with the developing Terrans.


Hybridization Agenda Ends

The hybrid races give the Enanika endless gratitude.


Remote Contact

Terran scientists discover an habited exoplanet with the aid of Artificial Intelligence.



Smooth, round 'tic tac' craft make landings and allow physical interaction.


First Contact

A variety of races, primarily Pleiadians, make contact with the Terrans.


First Hybrids

The fifth hybrid race, the Yayael, are first hybrids to make contact with the Terrans.


No More Pollution

A new ecological movement begins to grow that becomes exceedingly strong.


Waters Rise

A major ice shelf collapses in Antarctica. Initiating sea level rises.


Super Foods

A major famine in Africa that causes extreme devastation to the point of cultural extinction. In response to this there is a drive to provide a natural healthy food source. As a result easily-produced and super-healthly foods are created.


Empires Fall

Extreme shifts in Terran governments create openings for the beginning of the creation of a foundation for a true consensus.


Second Contact

A variety of second contact specialists arrive from other worlds to assist in introducing Terrans to the greater universe.


Second Hybrids

The fourth hybrid race, the Shayael, make contact with the Terrans.


Third Cycle

Next 40 year cycle of contact begins. Contact, sightings and synchronicities increase. Humans begin to understand they have neighbors from the Stars.


Third Hybrids

The third hybrid race, the Shakani, make contact with the Terrans.


Terra joins Association of Worlds

Terra becomes a junior member of the Interstellar Alliance.


Shalinaya arrive

Hybrid children - the Shalinaya - begin to arrive on earth to live in secluded safe enclaves. Humans begin to understand the many relationships they have among the stars.


Open Contact

Full Contact with Other Races.


No More War

With the exception of a few isolated skirmishes there is peace on Terra. Terra becomes a full Member of the Interstellar Alliance.


Fourth Cycle

Another 40 year cycle. Humans begin - in earnest - education of the galaxy and a true understanding and connection of Creation and Existence.