Where are game files (like characters) located?

PC: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Mushroomblue/Sol Invictus
Mac: Library/Application Support/unity.Mushroomblue.Sol Invictus
Linux: .config/unity3d/Mushroomblue/Sol Invictus

Are Mods compatible with the game?

Mod support is currently not available, but we are planning to add it at a future date.

How do I sync my Steam account to my Sol Invictus Web App account?

This feature is currently not available and will be introduced in an upcoming update.

When do I receive my Patron rewards?

Patron rewards have not been released yet as they rely on systems currently in development.

How do I access Mature content?

You will need to own the Mature Content DLC and you will also need to ensure your content rating is set to mature in your game settings (Config > General > Content Rating).

How do I access my Elite content?

The deluxe content will automatically be available once you purchase the Elite Edition DLC.