Frequenty Asked Questions

How long has this project been in development?

The current iteration of this project has only been in development for a few months. However some of the designs and prototypes stretch back over a 23 year period.

What is the current state of the game?

We are transitioning from pre-production. Currently integrating finalized prototypes into main game systems.

When will the game be released?

We will be doing private testing followed by an early access release as soon as possible. This might not be actually soon however.

Early Access? Really?

Absolutely. Sol Invictus is a big and complex game that will take many years to develop and ultimately finish. We want to get you into the game as soon as possible. We also want your feedback so we can make this game as good as it can be.

How long will you be in Early Access?

Probably a while. Years perhaps. We will only consider ourselves out of early access when we have a solid base to build upon.

How do I participate in Closed Testing?

Sign up and hope for the best. Or send us bribes maybe.

On what platforms will the game be released?

While we are currently focusing on the PC version of the game we are always keeping in mind support for Consoles and Mobile devices. It is very likely we will release first on PC, followed by other platforms.

Is this going to be one of those Epic Store exclusive games?

While we would never want to upset the gaming community, we may find it hard to refuse a dump truck full of money. We're not made of stone!

How much will the game cost?

We are currently planning on Free to Play model. It is very likely there will be a free version of the game, as well as a paid or 'premium' version with some bonuses. It is also possible that the price of the game may increase as we expand on the feature set and move out of Early Access.

Will you have Microtransactions?

We have discussed optional microtransactions. We are leaning towards fairly minor microtransactions such as cosmetics. We don't want anything pay to win and we don't want to milk whales. However, we do want to fund the development of the game.

Will you have Content Updates?

We have a lot of free content updates planned. Our goal is to continually expand the game with more fun things to do.

What will the game be rated?

We are currently exploring the possiblity of rating-modifying DLC which would enable us to craft an experience that spans from Everyone through Teen to Mature. We believe this is a solution that will allow people to have the depth of experience they desire, while also allowing the game to be enjoyed by all ages.

What kind of genre is this game?

Thats a hard question. We're doing some genre blending here. Very much a sandbox game. We have major RPG and 4X elements. Different people may focus on different aspects. For one it may be a grand military strategy game, for another it's a lunar greenhouse management game. We're less focused on fitting into a set definition than we are building a world for people to explore and enjoy.

Ok, well, what are the Pillars of your game?

Letting the player play their way. Game/Server setup is flexible, there are multiple independent progression paths.
RPG elements. We have a lot of traditional RPG elements like story choices, rich lore and game design that encourages roleplaying.
4X Elements. This comes naturally to outer space: Exploration, Resourcing, Diplomacy with ETs, Creating new Ships, Stations and Colonies.
Incremental/Idle Elements. We're planning incremental elements like features being unlocked over time, and idle elements like the game being realtime and events occuring offline.

What engine are you building the game with?

We are using Unity.

Who the hell are you guys?

We are a small international team of independent game developers.

How can I follow development or give feedback?

Check out our Discord server to either politely lurk, dramatically post or anything in-between.

Whats your policy on User Data?

We would never, ever, ever sell user data to third parties. Unless they offer us billions, then we TOTALLY would. Again, we're not made of stone!

Will the game have multiplayer?

We are planning on it. Including player-managed dedicated servers.

Can I create a custom character?

Yes. Absolutely. You can create multiple custom characters and play them all within the same game.

Can I fly a ship? And shoot people in the face?

We are planning direct control of ships, vehicles and characters. As well as combat that applies to all three.

Do these RPG choices have consequences?

Real choices. Real consequences. Sometimes the choice might not be obvious as well.

What level of scientific realism are you going for?


I heard you guys are using classified information!

That wasn't a question.

Seriously, does the game feature real aliens?

We can neither confirm nor deny.