Contact Cycles

Humanity's Stairway to the Cosmos

The ascent of a planetary civilization to the galactic community is no trivial matter. The process is gradual, meticulous, and most importantly, cautious. For humans of Terra, this meticulous process was organized through a series of change cycles known as the Contact Cycles. In this article, we delve into the significance of each cycle and how they culminated in the Fourth Cycle and the momentous Galactic Jubilee of 2067.

The First Cycle

In 1947, the quiet town of Roswell, New Mexico, found itself thrust into the limelight when an unidentified flying object crashed on a nearby ranch. The U.S. military insisted it was a weather balloon, but many believed otherwise. Conspiracy theories abound, but what if the Roswell Incident was less an accident and more a deliberate act? Some extraterrestrial sources suggest that the beings onboard sacrificed their lives in a planned descent to Terra, intending to jar humanity into the realization that they are not alone.

Humans realize they are not alone and they can be visited.

The Second Cycle

In 1987, a remarkable event occurred that might have passed largely unnoticed if not for the esoteric circles and the spiritually inclined. Known as the Harmonic Convergence, it was a globally synchronized meditation event aligned with a rare planetary configuration. In popular New Age thought, this was believed to be a moment for a planetary shift in consciousness. Extraterrestrial perspectives on this event shed new light: the Harmonic Convergence wasn't just earthly spiritual folklore but a cosmic alignment that signaled humanity’s readiness for the next phase.

More information is brought through. Humans begin to understand the larger story.

The Third Cycle

In 2027, the Third Cycle commenced, but its seeds were planted slightly earlier—in 2025, to be precise, with an event known as Second Contact. During this period, Second Contact Specialists from various worlds began to arrive on Terra. Their mission? To guide and assist humanity in the complex and often overwhelming process of joining the galactic community. They acted as mentors, translators, and cultural ambassadors, helping Earthlings navigate the intricate social, technological, and philosophical landscapes of a cosmos teeming with life.

Contact, sightings and synchronicities increase. Humans begin to understand they have neighbors from the Stars.

This period also saw a shift in how humanity perceived extraterrestrial phenomena. UFO sightings transitioned from awe-inspiring events to more mundane occurrences. Humanity, it seemed, was becoming increasingly accustomed to their newly expanded reality. While Second Contact was still very much an ongoing effort, the arrival of these specialists and the normalizing of cosmic phenomena indicated that Terra was graduating from an isolated planet to a member of a much larger ensemble.

The Fourth Cycle

If the previous cycles were humanity's education, then the Fourth Cycle is undoubtedly our graduation ceremony—and what a ceremony it was! The year 2067 marked the Galactic Jubilee, an event unlike any other in human history. Imagine if you will, a cosmic parade featuring a dazzling array of beings from across the galaxy. Each civilization, each species, made their presence felt in the most magnificent way possible, all gathered to bear witness to Terra's emergence on the galactic stage.

The Jubilee was unexpected, not due to its secrecy, but rather because of its spontaneity and grandeur. In the years that followed, Terrans have come to know many of these jubilant visitors, and are still in the process of formal introductions to this very day.

Humans begin - in earnest - education of the galaxy and a true understanding and connection of Creation and Existence.

A New Approach in the Fourth Cycle

While the first three cycles were characterized by a gradual, curated introduction to cosmic diversity—beginning with beings most resembling humans—the Fourth Cycle has thrown open the proverbial gates. No longer are Terrans merely dipping their toes in the cosmic waters; they are invited to dive headlong into the deep end.

The Fourth Cycle represents an unfiltered, authentic experience of the galaxy's diversity. While the Third Cycle introduced humans to their more familiar cosmic cousins, this cycle is a cavalcade of interstellar variety, an open forum where Terrans are exposed to the limitless facets of life in the cosmos. There is no pre-selection or curation here; the Fourth Cycle is an open invitation to know and be known, to learn and to teach.

A Deeper Understanding

While the first two Contact Cycles were relatively obscure, occurring under a shroud of cosmic quarantine, humans would later come to realize the significance of these cycles through their extraterrestrial contacts. These cycles were not arbitrary but designed to harmonize with human generational shifts, each cycle lasting approximately 40 Terran years.

Today, as we navigate the waters of the Fourth Cycle, humanity finds itself woven into the intricate tapestry of galactic societies, learning and contributing to the collective wisdom of the cosmos.

The Contact Cycles served as both a timetable and a guide, ushering humanity through the corridors of understanding, from a fledgling planetary society to an active participant in the galactic discourse. One can only wonder and eagerly anticipate what marvels the culmination of the Fourth Cycle will bring. For now, it suffices to say that we have truly become citizens not just of Terra, but of the Galaxy.